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Hello Gentle Women
You Are Lucky To Find This Awesome Application Outfits Ideas 2022
You Find In This Application The Most v bucks generator Beautiful Outfits Ideas For Women Teens Outfits for women Fashion only inspiration Summer Cute winter and Fall clothes for teenage girls teen clothing for teens and fashion specialty.
Beautifully Trending outfits Ideas Fashion Trends 2022
You Find Latest Styles For Winter Fashion Clothing Ans Dresses For Women…
Winter has come and trends are changing. It’s time to change your style also
Get more stunning and creative ideas from this application of Winter Clothes Style 2022
Women Winter Jacket Suit Dress 2022 Models
Download and get the best outfits ideas 2022 on this app.
The best Women’s Dresses and clothing fashion trends photos images pictures Trending Styles and winter clothes women cold weather For spring Trends Fashion For Winter
Dress Did You Wear In All Seasons 2022

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Mind Dress: Mindful wardrobe – PortalWear

Be mindful!

Mind Dress helps you to digitize your closet and to create a capsule wardrobe! With the Mind Dress you will have an overview of your clothes and by creating capsules you can also experience how true is the phrase: less is more. With the outfit generator we will suggest new looks but you can also freely combine the elements of your closet, plan your outfits, save them or share with your friends.


• Build a minimalist wardrobe and organize your closet
• Digitalize your clothes and remove background from your images
• Make capsules with limited number of items which can be easily combined
• Create outfits using your wardrobe or a selected capsule
• Generate outfits with our outfit generator
• Setup daily notifications about new looks
• Save and share your outfits


How to easily create your capsule wardrobe and organize your closet

1.) Add your clothes to your digital capsule wardrobe either from your gallery or you can take a new photo of your clothing item. After you take a new photo you can also remove the background which will make the outfits look even better.

2.) When you have your picture of your clothing, choose the correct category and then select and add its colors, which will help with generating outfits.

3.) After you digitized and organized your closet, you can create capsules. A capsule usually has around 30 items but this is customizable in the settings. A capsule wardrobe should contain the essential items and also some seasonal pieces so that overall everything can be easily combined with all the other clothes.

4.) When you add enough clothes to your minimalist wardrobe, you can start to plan new outfits. You can generate them with our outfit generator, which will provide you cool new outfit ideas. If you like the suggested outfits, just click on the Like button, and it will be automatically saved to your outfits, otherwise just swipe it away to get a new recommendation. You can also plan outfits on your own by selecting the items which you would like to combine together. As a source of the outfit you can choose to use the entire wardrobe or just selected capsule. All of these new looks can be then shared with your friends on social media if you want so.

5.) If you are struggling in the mornings and have no idea what to wear then you can activate the outfit of the day settings, which will plan an outfit for you each day at a time of your choice.

We created the Mind Dress to help people to be more conscious about fashion and clothes. It can help as a closet organizer where the clothes can be added to this digital wardrobe, which is the first step to be more conscious about what we wear and what we have. We also would like to motivate people to try out the capsule wardrobe and give them the opportunity and tool to realize that having fewer clothes doesn’t mean fewer outfits or limited options but rather the opposite. In a well built capsule wardrobe the elements can be easily combined so planning an outfit is super easy and fun. So either you create your outfits on your own or via the outfit generator you will certainly realize that fewer is better.

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My Dressing – Fashion closet

MyDressing is the fashion closet you need in order to build, enhance and share your most beautiful outfits anywhere and any time. With MyDressing, you will never forget an outfit again!

* Add your clothes by taking pictures of them or importing an image from your gallery!
* Easily crop your clothes out of the pictures
* Create your most beautiful outfits to stay trendy
* Share them with your friends on Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest or mail…
* Beautify your outfits by customizing the background color
* Create collections to organize all the outfits you’ve created
* Browse your clothes and your outfits from anywhere

Featured in: Cosmopolitan, Glamour, Look, The Guardian, TechTudo, Irish Examiner, WSVN…

Contact us:
– Email: [email protected]
– Twitter: https://twitter.com/mydressingapp
– Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/mydressingapp

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21 Buttons: Fashion Social Network & Clothing Shop

21 Buttons – The fashion & clothing social network
Like to be on top of the latest trends in fashion? Are you constantly searching to find clothes worn by the most fashionable influencers, bloggers, celebrities and other style leaders? Look no further! This is the ultimate app for shopping.
Download 21 Buttons – the leading fashion shop & clothing social network! Enjoy this social app for free and discover a trendy fashion shopping site where you will be able to buy clothes from your favorite influencers.
Discover different styles that inspire you and keep up-to-date with the latest trends in fashion
Follow your favorite influencers, street style stars, urban fashion celebrities, trendy bloggers and Youtubers. Buy their clothes in one click. Keep up-to-date with this social shop and the latest trends in fashion. Show your followers the ways you rock those trends on your own! Streetwear outfits, urban sneakers, trendy stylized shirts .. Find all your favorite trendy fashion brands and buy clothing directly from every shop in 21 Buttons! Going shopping and buy the last trends and stylish clothes is easier than ever.
Buy clothes and wear fashion brands in just one click
As you discover what other buttoners are wearing, you can easily buy their outfits and the last trends with a simple click. You will be redirected to the online shop to buy all the clothes you want. You can also save your favorite looks in custom “closets” on the app or combine them with other items! 21 Buttons – The fashion & clothing social network is more than a clothing shop app, it’s a social shopping app. Influencers, celebrities, singers, stars, friends .. and you!
Save all the looks that inspire you within your closets
Whether it’s ‘Summer Holiday’, ‘Gym-spo’ or simply ‘My Wishlist’… create as many customized closets as you’d like (public or private!) to save and organize all the outfits or clothes from bloggers that inspire you. Then you just go shopping without moving. You can also create different closets for different trends. Look for influencers, follow them, save their clothes in your closet, and buy your dream clothes!
Share your fashion looks and easily link all of the featured items!
Share your own personal style by posting your looks and easily tagging all items that directly link to the clothes brands’ websites! You can also share your posts on your other social profiles! Not just follow but also create trends and show everybody how good you are going shopping.
Closets that inspire
Find the best clothing brands in this fashion social app and clothing shop: sneakers brands, sweatshirt brand, shirt exclusive brands. All brands you can imagine they will be available in 21 Buttons. Search for your favorite brand and discover who is wearing what!
21 buttons, your social fashion app
Discover all that’s new in the world of fashion, connect with fellow style enthusiasts, shop the best of the best from top brands and show off your own personal style and your amazing outfits all in one place – too good to be true? Not hardly! #ButtonUp and join the ultimate fashion social network by downloading 21 Buttons today.

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Outfit Planner: Custom Designs – PortalWear

No matter how many clothes you have in your closet, only a personal outfit planner with awesome outfit ideas for women can make dressing up much easier for you. If you’ve been thinking, “when will I get my closet outfit planner?” The answer is Now!

Now you can access your virtual outfit designer with just one tap on our outfit planner app. Personalize outfit ideas fitting your wardrobe using a custom outfit maker. This outfit planner can help you plan what you wear in each setting- be it a party, work, school, or even church, and take your fashion game up a notch.

An exclusive collection of everyday-outfit ideas in this outfit designer app gives you excellent ideas for school and work. Limited internet? No problem, you can save your internet with all these videos of outfit ideas for girls. Recently, outfit creation has become more popular among teenagers. The outfit ideas for women and men with a wardrobe planner can save you a lot of time.

The teenage outfit planner app keeps you updated about the latest clothing trends. The nerdy cute look of boyish outfit ideas can add some energy to your tween and high school outfit plans. Also, don’t forget to use DIY outfit ideas in this outfit maker app to reinvent your existing clothing into something more stylish and trendy.

Some features of the app that makes it an outfit designer rather than just a wardrobe organizer are:
1. Outfit designer for any day or event, ranging from a casual school day to a formal office meeting.
2. Outfit planner for boys to style and groom themselves.
3. The wardrobe planner guides you through the right combinations you can try with your wardrobe collection.
4. Plus size outfit ideas to be confident in any outfit.
5. Customize and design your outfits that match current trends using outfit creation ideas.
6. A whole section for outfit matcher for school and office filled with daily outfit ideas.
7. You can prioritize, categorize, and arrange outfits in your wardrobe using our closet outfit planner and organizer

The main categories of outfit ideas in our app are:
– Vintage-style outfits for men and women
– Formal office meeting attire as well as daily casual wears
– Theme Birthday outfit ideas
– Cute Chinese outfit ideas for girls
– Tween and high school clothing for girls and boys

Explore the daily outfit planner app, and you will fall in love with dressing up. The personal outfit planner will let you plan and prepare your outfits and accessories well ahead of time.

Download the app now to enjoy the outfit planner and ideas and a lot more!

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STYLICIOUS – Closet Organizer – PortalWear

Organize your closet, plan your outfits, get inspired by our stylists with daily updates, and rediscover the fun of shopping. Stylicious is Polyvore for your closet! Looking Stylish is fun, easy and within budget with Stylicious. Its made for your phone and your tablet too.

**The only Android app featured in Time Magazine which helps you chose what to wear! Also featured at New York Fashion Week + Verizon, Techlicious, Fast Company, and more.

Closet Organizer
Snap the pictures of your clothes, shoes, bags and accessories and store them in Stylicious. Use them to create looks or to plan what to wear. With our closet organizer app you will be in control of your wardrobe and you will know your clothes.

Mix, match, play, and create amazing outfits in seconds! It’s your outfits manager and fitting room – never buy anything without trying it first here. Use clothes from your closet or from the shopping section. Categorize your outfits by season or occasion for better planning.

Style Planner
Plan what you are going to wear and when. Never wear the same thing twice.

We have your favorite designer clothing and the best new fashion styles… Have fun shopping, discover fabulous fashion finds, create a look with them, share them or buy them. Check first in your closet and make sure you don’t have a similar items already.

Style Inspiration
Awesome looks and style tips created by our stylists to help you make the right style decisions! Discover whats in style and all the fashion trends in our fashion blog.

Much More Fashion and Style:

Travel planner – Add clothes from the closet organizer or outfits from Lookbook to quickly pack for your trip

Fashion Notes – Save your fashion notes so that you never forger any of your style ideas.

Shopping Bookmarks – Bookmark your fashion brands so that you can see when your favorite fashion brands go on sale.

Stylicious loves friendships, so with it you can share your clothes from your wardrobe or your outfits with your friends via Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Tumblr, or email.

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My Outfit Online – PortalWear

My Outfit Online is an online, casual-luxury brand. Located in the heart of Miami, we strive to bring our customers celebrity inspired looks that will fit your everyday, chic lifestyle. Inspired by South Florida’s free living nightlife, our collections are updated weekly with modern, sultry yet polished looks for all occasions and budgets. Whether you’re looking for the ideal Friday night dress or your next favorite pair of jeans, we have all your wardrobe needs covered!

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Cladwell – PortalWear

Cladwell is a membership to help you simplify your wardrobe. We help you build your capsule wardrobe and get dressed easier every day with daily outfit recommendations. A capsule wardrobe is a smaller wardrobe full of thoughtfully chosen items you can easily mix and match. It’s also the most sustainable wardrobe for the environment.

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OpenWardrobe – Wardrobe Organizer & Outfit Planner

Are you looking for a closet organizer app to digitize your clothing?
Or do you need an outfit planner app where you can try different outfits on your phone?
Do you also want to get outfit suggestions and fashion recommendations from stylists, influencers, and an online fashion community?

Welcome to OpenWardrobe – the simple app to Wear Better, Buy Better & Live Better.

OpenWardrobe allows you to quickly digitize your closet using our wardrobe organizer AI-powered tools! Become more conscious about wearing the clothes you already own before shopping new. The most sustainable clothes are those already in your wardrobe!

Snap a photo or upload an online photo of the wardrobe and our AI wardrobe organizer will remove the background and categorize it with details about the color, neckline, pattern, style & occasion, and similar details. All your digitized clothing is stored in the “Wardrobe” category of our closet organization app, and you can add as many pieces of clothing as you like.

Besides being a smart wardrobe organizer, OpenWardrobe also has an outfit maker & outfit planner tool which allows you to combine your pieces wardrobe into an outfit. You can create unlimited outfits, plan outfits for future events, set the occasion, and more.

Besides being a handy wardrobe planner & outfit styler, OpenWardrobe is also the place to get fashion style tips, fashion recommendations, and outfit suggestions. Enjoy relevant video content on the home page created by stylists, fashionistas, and influencers, and use the app as your fashion assistant.

● Digitize your wardrobe: Take pictures of your clothes (or upload from phone album) – we’ll fill in the details
● Import your online orders from the supported stores. Let us know if your favorite stores are not yet supported and we’ll add them!
● Track what you own
● Use our outfit planning feature to create outfits
● View wardrobe tips and outfit suggestions from stylists, influencers, and the OpenWardrobe community.

Now it’s time to use the powerful features of our AI closet organizer & outfit matcher/picker tool.

☑️ Try OpenWardrobe for FREE to shop smarter, organize your closet space better & easily plan outfits.

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