Days Gone PC review – tasty rider

Days Gone PC review – tasty rider

A 2018 paper published in the journal Acta Ethologica showed evidence that European rabbits can smell traces of other rabbits in the droppings of the predators who have recently consumed them. I’ve thought about this a lot while roaming the apocalyptic Oregonian wilderness of Days Gone. It’s a world redolent of a man named Deacon St. John, who I’ve seen devoured by wolves countless times as I’ve played.

When Days Gone first launched after several delays as a PlayStation 4 exclusive in 2019, it was criticised for poor performance, even on the PS4 Pro. Bugs were also an issue, and Days Gone was saddled with middling reviews in its initial incarnation. The PC release not only features enhanced graphics options and support for ultra-wide v buck generator monitors, it also resolves almost all of these technical issues. This is definitely the best way to play Days Gone – a stable, unlocked framerate and enhanced graphics let this biker adventure’s exciting tale take centre stage.

Perhaps more than any other open-world game I’ve played, Days Gone takes its time revealing its hand. While its marketing highlighted the massive zombie hordes you take on, you don’t actually even see such a horde until perhaps a dozen hours into the story. Days Gone holds several of its strongest cards until you’ve had time to settle into its muddy, desperate vision of the Pacific Northwest, two years after a zombie plague has destroyed civilisation as we know it.

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