First day of Spring!

Well, March is almost over and I hope winter with it!

There are a few springs showing up, not in any big numbers though. It’s still early, the Columbia River runs aren’t supposed to be huge, about average this year. Also the Smith is supposed to have a decent run this year. All in all though, we’re expecting a good year with the salmon!

Halibut….well, they have reduced our large size again! From 133cm to 115cm, so that works out to be about a 45 pound fish, with the small being about 18 pounds! We still have a one fish per day, with a total of two fish limit, with only one fish being a large!

Not Happy about it but there’s nothing we can do!

The herring spawn is on right now with a real healthy spawn,loads of whales, both Greys and Humpbacks!

Waiting for the Sprout River expectations to come through, hopefully it will be a good run!

Capt Hank