GTA Online’s weekly update brings Los Santos Tuners race bonuses

GTA Online’s weekly update brings Los Santos Tuners race bonuses

Here we are, GTA Online fans – it’s another Thursday, which means it’s time for the open-world game’s latest content drop. The weekly patch has gone live so fans are busy checking out what’s new and keeping us all filled in ahead of Rockstar Games’ official newswire post – and this week’s got some extra rewards for a bunch of the Los Santos Tuners update activities.

As posted by Tez2 on Twitter (below), this week’s GTA Online update brings bonuses for all of the Los Santos Tuners update’s reputation activities – so, double the reputation for its Street and Pursuit race series content, as well as on Sprint races, the four-player Scramble format, short-form Head-to-Head races, and so on. Additionally, you’ll find double the RP and GTA$ for the game’s Vehicle Vendetta adversary mode with the new update.

Elsewhere, the Previon two-door coupe is now available in-game, which goes for $1,490,000 ($1,117,500 trade price), while the new GTA Online prize ride is the Growler, which you can nab if you rack yourself up eight Sprint race wins. The latest GTA Online podium vehicle is the Adder hypercar, and the new Test Track cars include, of course, the Previon, plus the RT3000 and Comet S2.

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