Halo Infinite’s battle pass is getting easier to grind

Halo Infinite’s battle pass is getting easier to grind

343 Industries is making Halo Infinite’s battle pass less of a chore to grind, which may come as a relief to some of you. Halo community manager John Junyszek has taken to Twitter to explain some of the reward track changes coming your way later this week.

You’re getting “play one game” challenges to ensure you can consistently progress through the battle pass by playing the matches you want. The team is also making some changes to weekly challenges to streamline progression, with adjustments, bug fixes, and even the removal of some. Changes to challenge difficulty, in particular, will help you complete weekly challenges faster, which should speed up your progress through the battle pass. Finally, double experience boosts will now last for one hour instead of 30 minutes, which the team hopes will aid you in getting more out of them.

Your progress on this week’s challenges will need to be reset for the fixes to be implemented, but everyone is getting an ultimate reward to make up for it, which is the Sigil Mark VII visor. Make sure you log in between November 23 and November 30 to pick it up.

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