Happy New Year 2018!

Tight lines!!
There are a few fish out front at Great Bear and Sail Rock, if you can get out!!! A few weeks ago we had a 14 meter sea! We haven’t seen winter weather like this for about 12 years, some days the wind changes direction three to four times! We also received 235 millimetres of rain in a 24 hr period. CRAZY… while the rest of BC gets snowed on, we thankfully get rain! Mt Washington got 3 ft of snow in one 24 hr period. All this crazy weather is good for the sea as it churns up all the dead water (no oxygen) and allows live water to replace it. It also causes sea foam which is a food source for plankton and cools the sea, causing the sea to become alive which of course is awesome for the fish! All in all this weather is a plus. This is the type of weather we used to get when we were kids!

The halibut fishery though is under a lot of stress because of the dragger fleet up in Alaska. They are able to fish the rearing grounds for juvenile halibut, which needs to stop now! So America, if you like catching Halibut on the West Coast, please get a hold of your Senator and tell them they need to stop this needless slaughter of 4 to 6 lb halibut in Alaska!

Hope everyone is safe and you and your families are happy and healthy!

Cheers, Hank