Hidetaka Miyazaki “probably won’t end up playing Elden Ring”

Hidetaka Miyazaki “probably won’t end up playing Elden Ring”

FromSoftware’s Hidetaka Miyazaki is building Elden Ring to be his “ideal game world”, but that doesn’t mean he’s actually going to play it. A new interview with the Soulsborne creator reveals that he has a “personal policy” of not playing his own creations – alongside a host of additional insight into the upcoming open-world game, of course.

“If I was in the mood to play a game, or if I had an ideal game world, Elden Ring gets pretty close to that,” Miyazaki says in Edge #367, “I create the games that are my type: tight combat, fantasy medieval settings, with dungeons to explore and things like that. It’s just what I’m into. And so Elden Ring is really hitting all the right notes there.”

Miyazaki continues: “You know, I probably won’t end up playing Elden Ring because it’s a game I’ve made myself. This is sort of my personal policy. You wouldn’t get any of the unknowns that the fresh player is going to experience. Like I said before, it wouldn’t feel like playing. But if I did, then this would be close to the ideal game I’d want.”

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