Humankind tutorial – how to win and earn fame

Humankind tutorial – how to win and earn fame

Humankind is a new strategy game that wants to take on Civilization as the next king of 4X games, but it differs from Firaxis’s heavyweight in a range of key areas, one of which is how you win a game. While there are still the Civilization-style pathways – focusing on science, or industry, generating money, the usual suspect of military conquest – Humankind differentiates how a game ends and how you win.

Depending what option you pick in the ‘Pace’ settings menu of game setup, there will be between two and seven different ways a game of Humankind can finish. Who wins that game will then depend on which civilisation has the highest fame score. As an example, one of the end conditions involves completing the entire tech tree; if you happen to be playing a scientific powerhouse and end up bringing the game to an end because you’ve researched all the techs, you may still end up losing because another civilisation has a higher fame score than you.

This differentiates Humankind from Civilization, in which a game doesn’t end until one player meets the specific conditions to win (unless you’re using the time limit ending), meaning that they win by definition.

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