Jack’s Fishing Story

Our Future Fishing Fanatic

jackThere is a young man that I know that lives, breathes and dreams about fishing. This is Jack’s story….

Jack was three years old when I first met him.  He was walking by the boat I was running and insisted on stopping to check out the fish that were lying on the floor of my boat.  While I was cleaning the fish, a pilchard (sardine) slid out of one of the big Springs and Jack really wanted to check it out!   I took a picture of him that day.

The next time I had the pleasure of spending time with Jack was a year later and he was now 4 years old and wishing he had been born a fish!  His dad, Jamie, Jack and I went out on an 8 hour charter.  But, I’m getting ahead of myself.

On his 4th birthday, his Mom took him to the hardware department at the Co-op where all the toys are located.  The fishing tackle is located in the next aisle.  She told Jack that he could pick any toy he wanted.

He looked and looked and then spotted the fishing tackle.  He picked out a 7” #158 Tomic plug and said:

Fisherman Jack

“Mom, this is what I want.”

“Are you sure, Jack?” asked his mother.

“Yes Mom, this is what will catch all the fish!”

Well, Jack was right on the ball because at that time of the season that color was hot, hot, hot!!

A couple of days before our charter, Jamie, Jack’s dad asked what time we would be leaving the dock.  Without really thinking I said 5:30am in front of Jack.  Jamie felt that was a little early for Jack so we agreed that 8am would be a better time.

Well, he must have forgotten to tell Jack!

Around 6am, Jamie woke up to the baby crying (Jack’s baby brother).  Jamie opened his bedroom door to attend to the baby and nearly fell backwards!  There stood Jack…fully dressed (boots on the wrong feet and coat on inside out), with his lunch box in hand!  He said, “We going fishing, Dad?”

Fisherman JackWell, we fished all day until about 3pm.  Jack landed two really nice 10-14lb Springs.  On the way in Jack was really quiet.  His Dad asked him what was wrong.  Jack told his Dad that he was sad because he did not want to go in!!

I went fishing with Jack again about a month later and it was quite rough.  Young Jack got seasick but refused to go in, so we continued to fish until he caught his salmon and halibut!  When we got to the dock, he was so tired that his dad had to carry him up the dock.  He started crying saying he wanted to stay out fishing!

This past winter whenever I saw Jack in town he was thinking about fishing.  Apparently his grandfather gave him fishing gear for Christmas, that’s all he wanted!

Hey Jack, I hear there’s Brown Bombers on the inside reef…ya wanna go!!?