May fishing has started!

Here we are, its already May!

Well,there is some decent fishing happening already! I went out Sunday, picked up six nice Springs, ranging from seven to seventeen pounds! Really nice product, full of squid.

The water has been nice and cold and because of all the storms this winter, there is LOTS of life in the water. I don’t think I have seen squid this early for at least thirty years!

The Halibut fishing has been a bit slow, some days you pick up a few then it just goes dead. Hoping that picks up in the next few weeks. All in all though, a great start to the year!

There are a few lings around, although the Native long liners have moved through the area and have picked it pretty good. Lots a nice Vermilion though…

Rock cod limits have changed again, NO retention of yellow eye and you MUST have a depth release on the boat if your fishing cod. Black bass are now part of your cod limits, so if you catch two bass well, that’s it, you can’t catch any more cod!

I’ll be doing another update before the end of the month!

Tight lines…
Cant. Hank