New Dota 2 update gives Monkey King even more mischief

New Dota 2 update gives Monkey King even more mischief

Dota 2 hero Monkey King has plenty of neat tricks up his sleeves, the most entertaining of which is Mischief – the ability to transform into other items and surroundings to deceive his foes. The MOBA game’s latest patch looks to extend and enhance this cheeky ability, which means you could see Monkey King turning into even more random things the next time you play.

As Valve has posted in this week’s patch notes on Steam, Monkey King can now turn into nearby lane or neutral creeps. Essentially this means he has even more options for mischievous plays, with more different kinds of objects to turn into to slip by or surprise opponents, beyond the ability’s existing offerings, like items, trees, and runes. With lane creeps being a common unit and pretty lucrative in terms of gold and experience, it’s easy to see how Monkey King can use this added option to his advantage.

Alongside this change, Valve has introduced a health bar for when he’s getting up to some of his Mischief – that is, for when the hero turns into a courier, Roshan, or creeps. Additionally, the notes explain that, as of the update, “drafting Wukong’s Command grants Mischief (only Monkey King can turn into trees.)”.

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