New World Amrine Excavation guide

New World Amrine Excavation guide

Want to know how to beat the Amrine Excavation expedition in New World? This is the first of many raid dungeons in the game, and if you’ve been playing alone up until now, you will now need a party that can withstand attacks from stronger monsters. You should probably brush up on using the best weapons and define whether you’re a DPS character or a supporting player.

Much like the raid dungeons from the best MMO games, this dungeon is split into several segments. While the vast majority of this first expedition is relatively straightforward with the right team composition, there are a couple of hurdles that may stump you if this is your first time going in.

To help you with the first major raid of the game, we figured we’d give you some tips for what kind of party works best for completing the Amrine Excavation expedition in New World. So here are some solutions to the trickier challenges and a list of the available rare loot you can find within.

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