Salmon & Halibut Recipes

Temp your Pallet with our Salmon Recipes and Halibut Recipes!

Canning Salmon

I prefer using the ½ pint jars since there is just the two of us.

Clean and sterilize jars. I do mine in the dishwasher and leave them in there hot until I’m ready for them. Have your sealing lids on the stovetop, nice and hot.

Precut salmon into the height of the jar, less ½ inch.

Fill each jar with salmon.  I pack mine as tight as I can, but leaving the ½ inch from the top. Add a sprig of fresh dill, a clove of garlic, 1 tsp of apple cider vinegar and ¼ tsp of salt. Wipe the top of the jar really well, making sure that there is nothing on the rim. Place the seal and the twist ring and tighten.

Place into pressure cooker, I usually can get 3 rows of jars in my cooker.  (Have about 3” of water already hot and waiting). Place on lid and wait until the water starts to boil and steam is coming from the spigot on the lid. Once this starts, place on the weight (10lbs).  You start your cooking time from when the weight begins to rock. Monitor the rocking of the weight until it is gentle and is releasing steam. You will have to adjust the heat of the element.  Cooking time is 90 minutes.   After 90 minutes, turn off the heat.

DO NOT REMOVE WEIGHT UNTIL THE PRESSURE RELEASE SPIGOT HAS GONE DOWN!!! This can take at least an hour. Wait until spigot is down and gently lift of the weights to release any leftover pressure. No problems?…now you can take off the lid!!


Halibut Bake

Pre-set oven to 300F.

Gently wash halibut and pat dry with paper towel. You can either cook as a whole slab or cut into portion size pieces. Remember to always place the thicker part of the fish towards the back of the oven as it is hotter there.

Place fish into a cooking sheet or glass pan.

Mix ¼ to ½ c mayonnaise (depending on how much fish)
Add 1 Tbs of fresh chopped dill (or ½ tsp of dried)
Add 1 tsp fresh lemon juice

Spread on top of halibut with a spatula or knife; sprinkle with fresh, grated parmesan cheese.

Depending on thickness, back about 10 – 15 minutes. Do not overcook as fish will be dry.



We hope you enjoy these salmon and halibut recipes!