SGDQ 2021 raises $2.9 million for Doctors Without Borders

SGDQ 2021 raises $2.9 million for Doctors Without Borders

It’s been another successful year for Summer Games Done Quick, even after the shift to an online-only format in the wake of COVID-19. The week-long speedrunning festival, which featured everything from RPG games like Dragon Age: Inquisition to classic platformers, brought in over $2.9 million in viewer donations.

Those donations will go to Médecins Sans Frontières – also known as Doctors Without Borders – which is an international humanitarian aid organisation that sends medical workers to areas of the world hit by wars and endemic diseases. The total amount collected in donations was $2,909,644.35 USD (which works out to £2,095,802.28).

That total was collected across some 40,353 individual donations, with the median donation being $25. The average donation was quite a bit higher, $72.10, thanks to a few notably high contributions. The largest single donation this year was a whopping $250,615.22, and stream host Twitch kicked in $40,000. While the total this year wasn’t quite as high as the event has seen in years past, a post to the official GDQ Twitter account points out that it is a record for the exclusively online format.

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