Someone is recreating classic scenes from the Sopranos in Skyrim

Finally, a mash-up of Skyrim and The Sopranos

Someone is recreating classic scenes from the Sopranos in Skyrim, and I didn’t think I’d ever get to write that. Content creator Pertinax has been mashing the two up by cutting out characters and dialogue from classic Soprano scenes and setting it against Skyrim’s backdrop.

The first one popped up a month ago and featured Tony Soprano stumbling out in his bathrobe to fetch the paper. This time, though, he’s in Whiterun and is confronted by Nazeem, who asks him if he gets to the cloud district very unblocked games often. Next up, we’ve got a scene where Christopher Moltisanti and Paulie Gualtieri enter the woods. In the show, they’re here to kill and bury a captive who runs away. In the Skyrim version, though? It’s the White Stag they’re hunting.

We’ve also got a scene where Tony tells Bobby Baccalieri it’s time to start “seriously considering salads“, with the two, uh, going on to have a pleasant exchange. It doesn’t change too much in Skyrim, though we have Tony in front of a vending cart telling Bobby to leave the sweet rolls alone.View the full site

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