Taiwanese retailer lists possible October 5 release date for Alan Wake Remastered

Gematsu reports that a listing on the shop page of Rakuten Taiwan for Alan Wake Remastered suggests an October 5 release date as well as appearances on the PS5, PS4, and Xbox Series X|S, furthering speculation that the franchise is coming back soon.

Before this listing, the initial event to set off this speculation was a leak on the Epic Games Store suggesting its existence, though until now we didn’t know a release date or what other platforms it would appear on. This listing changes that, and seemingly makes it clear that it’s coming soon.

Also noted by Gematsu is a tweet by analyst Daniel Ahmad that suggests that an official announcement is coming in the next week, which coincidentally is also when Sony’s hosting its PS5 showcase. That potentially points to the presentation being Alan Wake Remastered’s official debut.

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