The best Resident Evil Village settings for performance on PC

The best Resident Evil Village settings for performance on PC

Resident Evil Village trades the bleak Baker family ranch out for the gothic horrors of Castle Dimitrescu and its surroundings, but you’ll want all the frames you can to help Ethan Winters survive another bout with the undead.

The good news is that Village uses the RE Engine, which is still pretty new as far as game engines go, debuting with its 2017 predecessor. It’s already shown its chops on PC, Nintendo Switch, and everything in between across a variety of Capcom games, including Devil May Cry 5, Monster Hunter Rise, and the recent Resident Evil remakes.

This means Village runs pretty well on most hardware, meaning you don’t need the best graphics card – or any GPU for that matter – to run the game. You can simply stick a preset on and start shooting lycans straight away or tinker with the town’s worth of settings to prioritise performance, immerse yourself with ray tracing, or give you enough headroom to install plenty of the best mods.

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