The Call of Duty: Zombies community is disappointed with Der Anfang

Whenever a new Call of Duty game releases, it’s a cause for celebration across all the dedicated sub-communities of Warzone, multiplayer, the campaign, and of course Zombies. However, for those with a place in their heart for battling hordes of the undead, it seems like Call of Duty: Vanguard may have bumped this trend with a lacklustre experience, courtesy of the new map Der Anfang.

First, a bit of background. Call of Duty: Zombies, while initially a wave-based survival game mode attached to World at War back in 2008, has evolved rapidly over the past decade-plus. The mode now has a reputation for its high-complexity map layouts and intricately hidden secrets the community hunts for ravenously.

The problem at the moment is that as it stands right now, Der Anfang seems to be lacking in several key areas. This has left the dedicated community built around Zombies scratching their heads and wondering who the map is for?

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