The Invincible teaser gives us a look at the upcoming sci-fi thriller where your choices have consequences

Indie developer Starward Industries has a really neat-looking sci-fi thriller in the works called The Invincible, which is set in a retro-future timeline. Today, we get a new look at it.

Announced last year, in this first-person game, you play as a scientist who wakes up on the hostile planet Regis III and takes off on a mission to find your spaceship’s missing crew. While searching for your comrades, you will discover there are “terrifying secrets” on the planet that you will become all too familiar with. The most important thing is survival, which will boil down to you making correct choices.

To find the missing crew members, you will be using advanced space equipment, as well as your brains and instincts. As you piece together the fate of your crew, the planet’s secrets will be uncovered, and as you delve deeper into the mystery, you realize you may not be alone – and some places are better left “untouched”.

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