Ucluelet Fishing Charters

Ucluelet fishing charters Pacific King Salmon & Halibut Fishing Charters

Ucluelet Salmon FishingThe waters off of Ucluelet, BC boast the best salmon and halibut fishing worldwide.

Off the coast of Ucluelet, are two banks: the Laparouse Bank and the Amphitrite Bank.  These two banks are the reason salmon fishing and halibut fishing are so great in this area as they are the main feeding grounds for salmon and halibut, covering from California to Vancouver.

There is an abundance of feed; herring, pilchard, needlefish, and sandlance fill these two banks year round. This abundance of feed draws the young salmon to our area, making salmon fishing unmatched! Even during November, December and January (weather permitting) you can fish and catch feeder Chinook (Winters) up to 18 lbs! So how about a winter fishing charter to chase away the winter blahs?!

Year Round Salmon & Halibut Fishing

Ucluelet Salmon Fishing ChartersThe best time for salmon fishing is from June through to September with July and August being traditionally the best months. Salmon fishing is doable in April and May but the weather is quite unpredictable and fixing a day can be hard; flexibility is important when booking a fishing charter for this time.

We have also experienced some of the best Coho fishing in September. These salmon can weigh in at up to 24 lbs and they are explosive!!  Many times we have double headers!

Halibut fishing is good all year round, it’s just a little more difficult to get out to the bank in the storm season.  The biggest fish are caught in the spring and the fall.  Most of the halibut caught off our shores are called “chickens”. They are young halibut, weighing between 10 – 30 lbs.

Salmon Fishing and Halibut Fishing – Landing the BIG Ones!

Our largest halibut caught was 78 lbs, the largest Chinook (King) was 50 lbs and the largest Coho (Silver) was 22 lbs. It is a common occurrence to come into dock with our full limit.

The only Coho (Silver) that we are able to keep must be “Hatchery” fish. The way we tell if the fish is a hatchery Coho is the Adipose fin, just above the tail will be clipped.