Mark G., Duncan, BC

BC Salmon Fishing - Ucluelet Salmon Fishing“Hi Hank!  Thank you for the wonderful fishing experience!  My father in law and I were amazed by our catch, your patience and your welcoming personality.

We would recommend you to anyone who wanted to enjoy a charter out of Ucluelet which is blessed with wonderful fish and your local knowledge that made the trip a lifetime memory for all of us. Even my wife, who was sea sick both times, wouldn’t go with anyone else. See you next year!”

~ Mark G., Duncan, BC


salmon fishing - jon and tiff

Jon & Tiffany – Return Visit

“Hello Hank and Heather!

Here are a few pics from our fishing trip! Thank you again for making our trip so great!

We’ve been fishing out in Puget Sound and have been having good success with the pinks. They are really small compaired to what we caught with you, but they will be great to smoke and give away to all our friends and family (we’re saving the good stuff for us!)

Hope all is well! We can’t wait to come back! Lots of love and best wishes!”

~ Tiffany and Jon McCoy



Tim H, Nanaimo, BC

“Thanks to Hank for a great day of fishing!!

The weather may not have been the best but Hank worked very hard to get us our salmon. We will definitely be back next year!

Great boat and a great guide!  Hank and Heather are a wonderful team and really know how to look after their clients!”

~ Tim H., Nanaimo, BC


Jon & Tiffany, Lake Stevens WA, USA

BC Salmon Fishing - Ucluelet Salmon Fishing“My wife and I spent our honeymoon on Vancouver Island and booked two days of fishing with Pacific King Salmon & Halibut Fishing Charters. We have been on several charters over the years and fishing with Hank in Ucluelet was our most memorable experience.

Captain Hank is a professional and excellent guide who clearly loves what he does. The boat was clean and handled well in the waves and even had a heater! All of the gear on the boat was in good working order and was operated in a safe and professional manner.
Our fish were huge and were handled with care. We never lost a fish that we fought to the boat and they were quickly bled and put on ice. We came home with 100+ lbs. of properly cleaned fish that looked as gorgeous as the day we caught them.

We saw a whale jump out of the water, a black bear on the beach and fed a wild bald eagle while out on the boat.

We had a really great time and have already booked our charter and stay for next year. Thanks for the awesome fishing and for an experience we will never forget!”

~ Jon and Tiffany


Sheers Salmon Fishing Vancouver Island

BC Salmon Fishing - Ucluelet Salmon Fishing“This summer we had the pleasure of going on a fishing charter with Hank on the Blue Pacific. We had such a fantastic day! Not only did we catch our limit in fish (non-stop action), but we had the opportunity to enjoy Hank’s great hospitality and sense of humour. Although we had just met him, it was like spending the day with a long time friend.

Great fishing, great company, and a great day! Another unexpected bonus…we even got to see whales and they came very close to the boat…it was amazing! It wasn’t just another fishing charter, it was a special event that we won’t forget….and something we would like to repeat every year. We recommend Hank’s charter to anyone who wants to experience a great fishing adventure!!!”

~ The Sheers


Gayle & Lyn V., Victoria, BC

BC Salmon Fishing - Ucluelet Salmon Fishing“Our open ocean fishing trip was really something to behold. No land in sight, just us and the ever moving mystery of the sea. Whales jumped close enough to see the barnacles clinging, to feel the power and of course get some awesome pictures.

Our bending lines produced halibut and salmon, bountiful enough for at least a years supply….and then back to Selah for a soothing rest after our full day of sights and sounds. I loved to sit out on our covered deck, dense wild forest all round, and feel completely at peace!  Ahhhhhhhh…

On our next day it was off to the wild haunting trails along the shoreline, the sound of crashing waves ever present, where invigorating, stunning sights awaited us. We found it to be an experience often sought after but seldom found.

Personal touches from our hosts added to our feeling pampered and special. Our treasured holiday, and oh yes, we will return. So, until our next excursion, thank you, Henry and Heather.”

~ Sincerely, Gayle and Lyn V., Victoria, BC


Bill J., Nanaimo, BC

BC Salmon Fishing - Ucluelet Salmon Fishing

“Hank knows fish! Hank knows people! The two combined assure an unforgettable fishing adventure.

My last outing with Hank was a beautiful warm August afternoon heading 20 km off Ucuelet. Along the way looking back at Vancouver Island we were amazed by the view stretching 100 miles, north towards Brooks Peninsula, and south to Port Renfrew.

We were greeted by a pod of playful and curious porpoises who travelled with us for 20 minutes and refused to leave until we stopped so they could carefully inspect us. During this grey whales spouted with in a mile while coho salmon broke the surface all around us.

We quickly obtained our limit of halibut. Next we began fishing for salmon again limiting in coho and springs, two of the latter in the 35 lb range. We cruised in with the setting sun while Hank shared stories of life, fish and people. A perfect day.

Equally as wonderful is the bed and breakfast Selah Guest House run by Heather, Hank’s wife. Relaxing and comfortable with a great location.”

~ Bill J., Nanaimo, BC


Randy V. & Family, Mission, BC

BC Salmon Fishing - Ucluelet Salmon Fishing“Hello again Hank!! Well we just got home from Ucluelet, and I thought i would send you a great big Thank-you! We had an awesome time on your boat and look forward to coming aboard again soon!!

You are an outstanding guide! The whole day with you on your charter boat was something myself and my family will never forget.

Also staying in your your better half’s guest house was just as enjoyable. You guys sure know how to make everyone feel special.

Thanks again and good luck with your upcoming season.”

~ Randy V. and family, Mission, BC


G. Jarvis Calgary, Alberta

Pacific King Fishing Charters and Hank Griffin provided a very memorable fishing experience for our group. The pride Hank carries for his boat and fishing gear exceeds expectatation and his care for your catch hits a new standard. Full marks for Hank’s experience and ability to find the fish!”

~ G. Jarvis, Calgary, Alberta